Mumbai – Lonavala

1320648756_lonavala-hill-station1Lonavala- Maharashtra :

One of the most popular getaways from Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala is a beautiful hill station in Maharshtra. Located in the Western Ghats, Lonavala is also called as the jewel in the Sahayadri range. As monsoon rains come tumbling down the Sahayadri hills, the hill station dons its best color-green. It’s a wonderful experience to tour the hill resort during the rains.


Location :

The hill resort is located half way between Mumbai and Pune. It is located in the western part of Maharashtra and is about 106 kilometres from Mumbai. In summer and during the rainy season most people hit the Mumbai-Pune Highway and travel to twin hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala.


History :

Lonavala derived its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Lonavli’, which means ‘city surrounded by caves’. The region around Lonavala was once a popular Buddhist center. The caves around the hill resort date back to 2nd century BC. Lonavala was once under the rule of Chattrapati Shivaji and later Peshwas ruled the region before British overthrew the Peshwas.


Places to visit :

The picturesque view of the Sahayadri range is one of the many highlights that Lonavala has to offer. With its lush surroundings and peaceful environs, Lonavala is an ideal getaway from Mumbai’s concrete jungle. The hill resort is an ideal place for trekking. A leisurely walk along the waterfalls and other beautiful spots is what keeps most travelers busy in Lonavala.


Sites nearby :

There are a number of places around Lonavala that one can visit when in Lonavala. The lakes around Lonavala worth visiting include Tugauli and Bhushi. Khandala, just five kilometres away is another exciting hill resort that can be visited from Lonavala. There are a number of caves around the hill resort and some of them even date back to 200 BC. The most fascinating of them are the Karla caves, located about 10 kilometres from Lonavala. The Buddhist stupa at the Karala caves is believed to be 2,200 years old. Rock climbing is another exciting activity that visitors to Lonavala can enjoy. Pauna Lake is the best-kept secret of Lonavala. Home to some of the Mumbai’s rich and famous; Pauna Lake makes a great place for an outing.

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