Mumbai – Matheran


Matheran is located in the state of Maharashtra and is about 103 kilometres from Mumbai. Matheran’s lush green landscape and verdant hills attract a number of tourists to the quaint hill station every year.


Centuries have passed since an Englishman Hugh Mallet discovered Matheran in 1850 but little has changed in Matheran. As the common mode of transport in this tiny hill station is rickshaws and buggy.

Places to visit

As you take the toy train to reach Matheran, the beautiful hills seem to welcome you. Once in Matheran, the hill resort smells clean and fresh. As no motor vehicles are allowed into the town and one has to travel by foot or can take rickshaw or buggy. Matheran is really beautiful during the monsoons when rains leave the hill station clean and green. Time seems to stand still in Matheran as you walk to a number of beautiful places in Matheran. Some of the view points in Matheran include Chouk, Panorama, Garbut Point and Louisa.

Rummaging through the small bazaar in Mathern is an exciting idea. As you see small shops selling a number of items that include Kolhapuri chappal, leather bags, and belts. Glass birds and dry flowers are other two important items sold in Matheran that you can shop.

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